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Jay Morris began his 2010-term as the St. Johns County Commissioner with a focus on two vital points: one, improving the county's finances and two, bringing in industry and creating jobs in St. Johns County. As County Commissioner and Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners in 2013 and 2014, he has maintained an unwavering commitment to improving the community, leading St. Johns County to become one of the most financially stable of Florida's 67 counties.
Creating New Jobs: Commissioner Jay Morris, Advanced Disposal CEO Charlie Appleby, Governor Rick Scott, State Representative Lake Ray
Jay's Platform

Because of our financial stability, Standard & Poor's just increased St. Johns credit rating two levels from AA- to AA+.  This will be substantial for the county, producing lower interest rates for years to come.  St. Johns County also increased reserves by $10 million over the past two years with reserves now at $47 million.

In addition to financial strength, he has worked endlessly to decrease the area's unemployment rate, which was over 9% in 2011. In just three years' time, he has been instrumental in making drastic improvements to the unemployment rate, which currently stands at a record-breaking 4.6% and is the fifth lowest in the state. Money Magazine and CNN have just ranked St. Johns County 5th in the nation for job growth.
Jay continuously works to develop better working and living conditions in St. Johns County, and his dedication hasn't gone unnoticed. In fact, Money Magazine and CNN also ranked St. Johns County as the fifth best place to work and live in America. Additionally, his work has helped maintain area property taxes, which are some of the lowest in the state.
USA Today named St. Johns County as one of the top ten places to retire in the United States—due to low cost of living and housing, low tax rates, low crime rate and great medical facilities.  The county is truly running like a very successful business.

In short, the county ranks as one of the top Florida counties in nearly every category. Re-elect Jay Morris as the St. Johns County Commissioner, and he will continue his endless efforts to make positive changes, both financially and professionally.

Paid for by Jay Morris, Republican, for St. Johns County Commissioner, District 4.